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We believe it’s too difficult for people to manage their financial lives across different systems. We know it’s too difficult for financial service providers to reach qualified leads who are actually interested in their products. myRev is a holistic PFM platform, which makes it easy for individuals to optimize their finances. We’re not just another lead-gen company with a pretty user interface. myRev is different under the hood: it presents a full financial profile, which enables us to match users to products which have a synergistic benefit to the user and institution, with a high degree of accuracy.

We are currently seeking funders with experience in developing colossal fintech platforms. We are excited to work with funds that provide support beyond capital and want to take an active role in enabling myRev to reach the masses. We are creating the platform organically and we are now positioned to build a connection with the right partner. Please send us a few details below and we’ll send more information.

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